Roll Racing DXB

Roll Racing DXB

Event details

  • October 19, 2017
  • 7:00 pm
  • Dubai Autodome
  • 04 367 8745

Roll Racing

The latest Autodrome concept to grab the attention of all Motorsport enthusiasts. Taking racing off the streets & into a safe, controlled environment which ensures maximum fun for participants and fantastic viewing pleasure for spectators.

Concept is simple: you race against another vehicle from a rolling start of 40kph – heading onto the main straight & then 250m of pure exhilaration, pitting yourself against another driver. Roll Racing is open to both cars & SUVs – battling it out on Autodrome’s floodlit main straight.
*Photo Credit: Greg Falski

Requirements for Participants

  • All street legal cars and SUVs are allowed to enter
  • Entry fee AED400 (Book & pay online/below)
  • Briefing will start ON TIME at 7.00pm (all latecomers will miss the session)
  • No Burnouts / No Full Slick Tires
  • All vehicles must be inspected on site
  • Each participant are allowed 1 passenger (AED 50 & sign on required)
  • Helmets and seatbelts: worn correctly at all times on track
  • No sandals allowed, make sure you wear shoes
  • No loose items in the car


  • All spectators must enter via Grandstand Main entrance (Motorcity Boulevard)
  • Entry Free: AED 20
  • Parking in next to Grandstand entrance
  • Event for spectators will begin at 8.00pm