Beat The Heat 3 Carshow,Audio and Karting Competition..

Event details

  • Thursday | October 27, 2017
  • 5:00 am

Rules and Regulations for Audio Competition.

– Please bring your Car Registration
Card & Emirates ID for verification .
– Open for all Nationalities

– all car class ( sedan,hatch,SUV, coupe,bus etc.) will be on the same category as long as the car audio set up is on the trunk area.

– SPL meter mic will be placed at
the windshield 5″ above the center
– SPL & WWar Competitor can hit
twice with 20 sec. per run using
Your own track or tone.
– using of bluetooth is prohibitted during SPL, WW and SSub Amp
– only the owner will be allowed
Inside the vehicle during SpL,
Wattage War and smoking sub & amp Categories .

-Front and rear seats must be installed and properly mounted, however, rear seats may be folded down provided they are factory designed to do so, and can be returned to a latched position after pass without moving the enclosure or any equipment.

-Front seats may be folded and adjusted for competition but may not be removed from the vehicle.

-Competitors may use any audio format they choose to achieve their highest Sound Pressure Level ( SPL ). This includes test tones, sine sweeps, MP3’s, commercially available CD’s and burned CD’s. Competitors may choose to “burp” their system for a few seconds or play all out for the full 20 seconds.

– People are allowed to hold or sit on the vehicle while being metered provided no other rules are broken. The competitor takes responsibility for all parties involved.

– one category for one entry on SPL ,LNC, wattage war or Sunugan
(Ex. SPL 10″ CANNOT Compete SPL 12″ or 15″ in one car ; or wattage war 0-1000 entry cannot compete to 1001-2000 watts category.)but you can join SPL,Wattage War,LNC And Sunugan in a single car without changing any parts of your car audio system.

-Wattage War Competitors must
Install their Amplifiers in a more
Accessible & visible manner.

– Loud and Clear Competitors will
Use only the official CD or USB
Provided by the LNC Master Judge.

– Registration of Sound competition starts @ 10:00 am and Will end @ exactly 11:59 am, A penalty of 50 aed will be imposed to all late registration till 1:00 pm.

For LNC judging distances

– 7 meter for single front set up
– 15 meter for unlimited set up

-3tracks shall be played
-2tracks from the Judge
-1 track as owners demo

Smoking Sub and Amp category

– 1 minute of continues bass music without changing the desired volume of the competitor.
– Official Basstrack will be given on the day of competition.
– changing volume of the track using bassknob,remote or the Headunit will be automatically disqualified.
– 135 db minimum score on single 12″, – 140 db minimum score on unlimited


Compete at your own risk! Organizers will not be responsible for any damages of your sound system!
Thank you and Goodluck to all of Us…

For More details about the event visit Beat the Heat 3 Event Page.